Thursday, July 1, 2010

V : pantai rama, kota bharu, june 12th, 2010

july 1st: whoops.. its like. 6.11 am right now.. can you imagine.. i actually woke up just to post teh picture.. ahahaha i will blog about it later.. so don't terkejut when you see this.. see the pictrues .. words will come later.. muahaha.. good night

Thursday, June 17, 2010

V : kota damansara, may 28th, 2010

may 28th 2010: owh.. genie stayed over my place remember?? yeah.. and the next day.. morning i mean.. at first plan to like go for maccas.. but my dad pulak say why not we go for dim sum.. so had dim sum.. gosh.. bloated giler my stomach.. ahaha..its a good meal ok.. i love dim sum.. mm. and yeah. after that. we went midvalley *me and genie* and meet up xiao ly there.. i have to go there to like meet up with sharmila and chern hwee.. nothing much changed actually .. still the same old us.. XD.. but we didnt meet up long la.. mm.. and owh i went topman.. jiff can hardly recognize me.. and i was like. woah. XD.. hurt giler.. coz he is like .. tak kenal je.. mm.. and owh.. i wanted to buy the shirt from topman.. the black polo.. but so ex.. and omg.. i want like the strap sandal from zara.. damn nice!!..

^owh thats the pants i bought at err. times square.. remember the bridge thing.. yeah.. its kononyer hand made by this thai fella.. which i don't know how to spell his name.. not bad la.. the pants damn cute lor ok. i like..

^and owh. we *genie and i* bought a bag also.. its reversable.. like you can use in and out.. the coke one is mine and the paul frank one is her's.. and she was soo happy that its so worth it to buy a paul frank bag for less than 50.. err.. no comment

^yeah. meet up chern hwee and shar at delicious.. i didnt order anything because i am still stuff with the dim sums.. mm... i wanted to order tiramisu.. but ish.. since i spent quite a lot at times square and before.. so mm. budget budget.. thats why itak jadi beli the shirt from topman.. ahaha.. but i will certainly but it when i go back on july

^see.. told you they both looks the same.. aha.. just that chern hwee got buffer.. which is kinda scary sometimes.. buff people somehow is scary to me.. XD.. because i am so obsessed with cole mohr.. aha.. and shar.. gosh.. its been soo long.. and we didnt really get to talk much also.. i am so sorry tho.. i will make it up to you before you leave for UK

^ yeah.. after mv.. we rushed back to genie's place to get chance.. urgh.. picture blur.. yeah. gosh.. it rains like giler giler ok.. like can you imagine.. wth.. can hardly see the road also.. mmm.. yeah soo got back to genie's house.. change and go to the curve.. coz they made a reservation at the italiannies.. not bad tho the food.. and owh. thats xiao ly btw.. omg.. she is really good in baking you know.. seriously. she will be going to bangkok to continue her studies in bakery.. so nice kan

^woots.. we changed and belle sms-ed saying that she made a 7.15pm reservation.. i cant remember what time. and urgh.. driving out.. the traffic is like crazy

^you see what i mean.. crazy kan.. i know.. i cant remember what happen also.. but urgh. on the way to one utama and the curve.. is seriously.. jam like giler

^and when its like traffic jam and you have a camera with you.. mm.. time to camwhore la of kors

^mm.. i love this picture..the blurred effect makes it even nicer.. and you are wearing white somemore.. cheh wah.. ahahahahaha.. macam wedding picture je.. but the seatbelt memang potong steam giler

^mm.. i like this picture of me too *perasan giler* ahaha. eh.. i look good here ok. but urgh.the car behind there spoil the gambar ler

^woots.. we reach the curve.. and thank god manage to find parking quite easily la.. and so we settle down.. yee chin laugh at the way i wear.. urgh. cynn say she taught i am wearing long pants.. but when she see me in shorts. potong steam giler.. ahaha.. yee chin, cynn and belle is there with err. shan shan.. shina came later and thereafter honey. ahaks.. *belle and cynn actually planned a surprise for genie.. the bought a cake for her.. and a perfume from the body shop.. well at first they wanna buy like cupcakes. but they figure out. cakes is better.. so yeah*

^owh. they serve this err.. i dunno what you call it. bread?? i dunno. ahaha. its quite nice la.. with vinegar and.. olive oil? fattening giler

^hahaha.. my brother say genie kinda overdress.. when genie say yee chin and cynn is like kinda under-dressed.. i dunno which one to go for.. because i think i overdress-ed too.

^mm.. i kinda love this picture.. candid.. and cynn's face is blurred.. XD sorry cynn

^i like what they did to the wall.. i wanna do that to my house too.. but. have to buy soo many frames.. and have to like attach it to the wall .. thats a lot of work tho.. and owh.. they are all laugh at the .. err.. couple at the right side of this picture.. wth.. they even make a video of them.. like  yee chin and genie kinda imitate what they did.. i have the video with me.. but not gonna upload... the size of the video is sooo big! 100++mb

^i think we were waiting for shina and honey to come.. ahaha.. to order food.. i am the only guy in the table. gosh.  as usual.. ahaha.. shaun cant make it coz he is busy or something. so yeah.. and everyone actually ask shina where is shaun.. coz whenever there is shina .. there is shaun

^ my hair look kinda bald. but i like this picture.. ahaha.. that tie i am wearing.. i knit it myself.. muahaha.. they are  like soo shock when i say i knit it myself.. see-ing is believing ok.. mm

^ahaha.. they all have surprises for genie.. i have surprises to.. for belle..ahahahaa.. since she is leaving for uk this september.. and i taught i wun be coming back before september.. because i taught there is no holiday in between yeah.. i knitted a scarf for her.. and i put it in the burger king's paper bag.. they all taught i brought like my unfinished lunched.. ahaha.. well i think its kinda smart kan?? ahah. no need to go waste money for wrapping and all. this is kinda cute i think.. mm.. ahaha.. hope you like it belle

^and i ordered lemon margarita.. blended somemore.. the size of the glass is like damn big ok.. super the satisfying.. ahaha.. the ok la.. consider the price also.. as long as i am happy.. and i love it... omg.. i am craving for cocktail now

^and i am craving for this pizza.. seriously.. its damn good.. its salmon or something.. you shud try it when you are at itallianies.. but  i think the price is like 20 ++ which i think you can somehow get like a bigger portion one at like dominos pizza or something.. with the same price

^urgh.. group picture.. blur.. this guy who is holding this camera.. clearly dunno how to use my camera.. blur giler.. urgh.. and everyone look wreck.

^ i love how honey wear. its like.. damn stylo.. ahah. genie looks mature like that kan?? yeah.. and its really a nice tube dress tho.. can wear with pants also.. not bad.. somehow looks similar with honey's top.. kan??

^this two. urgh.. so pathetic.. whatever they think also.. almost like. sama je. see. what they are doing also .. almost the same.. urgh.. once they actually argue about how many kids they wanna have and all. i was like. wth. get a life

^shina's busy with her phone.. she nearly kill me for taking her candid picture.. coz she say she look wreck. ahaha. no la. you look your dress and your bag tho.. its so chanel

^belle. please don't kill me.. owh shan. don't kill me too.. XD.. belle with her signature look

^i love this picture.. such a happy picture kan??/ i know

^thats shina and shan shan.. ahaha. my two daughter.. the hui sisters.

^ i love the way shan shan dress up nowadays.. gorgeous.. and belle i love your shirt or blouse or whatever.. its nice.. and your hair.. ahaks.. shina.. simple fabulous.. and cynn.. no comment. ahaha. i love your brown colour bag..but please polish it. its leather so have to polish one

^whenever i see t.g.i friday's .. i will think of mudpie.. and gosh.. i will think of leit.. ahaha.. have to makan have to makan.. i never really tried like food from tgi.. but somehow some people say chilis is better. i don't know

^its hot because i was there.. thats why. XD.. toy's story 3.. i love toy's story.. its a nice movie tho.. but i wanna watch sex and the city more

^yeah.. after meal.. we plan to watch movie.. but gosh.. see soo many people. and i malas wanna stand.. so i sat at one corner.. and start taking pictures.. why is there soo many people.. gosh.. whats the occasion?

^and canwhore la. apa lagi.. ahahaha. i like this picture.. i look masculine.. and yee chin.. ahahaha. as usual.. i miss hanging out with them tho

^har. argue argue.. one counter also have to be soo many people. har argue.. queue-ed up for movie.. end up. didn't watc movie also.. ahahahahaha.. wth.. and they berkumpul like that somemore.. well its ok la. i somehow don't like watching movie when i am going out with friends like this.. i mean like.. if you get to see each other often.. its ok.. but i you are not.. of coarse you wanna spend time talking and chilling one ma kan

^ i have no idea when was this picture taken.. and i cant remember me standing there staring at people.. ahahaha.. but nice picture eh?

^ and since no movies for us.. we went for pancakes instead at paddington house of pancakes.. ahaha.. i have been craving for pancakes since forever.. so here we are.. i love this picture of yuyu, looks gorgeous kan?? mm.. first time i call you gorgeous.. be happy

^ and i love this picture of shina.. i dunno.. the first thing that came to my mind when i see this picture is barbie doll.. i don;t know why. ahaha. you better like this picture shina

^ i cant remember what they were talking about. . haha. i just cant wait for the pancakes

^and boom!!! super the huge. *size matters you see*.. ahahaha. yeah.. genie ordered this for like err.. 10 people's portion.. so many how to finish up.. kan?? we eventually ta pau la.. but omg.. i love the maple syrup.. and the pancake is so soft and omg. delicious.. with the ice cream.. omg.. i am craving for it now.. and i am thinking about maccas's hot cakes.. ahaha.. i am gonn buy vanilla cone with the hot cakes and put them together.. ahahah

^genie you have to love this picture.. because i think its gorgeous. ahaha.. i called so many people gorgeous.. mm.. i am totally in a good mood. ahaha.. yeah.. this one super random also.. when it came.. shina saw the candle.. and boom.. she start singing genie birthday song. owh.. i forgot to mention.. we did sing her a birthday song too at itallianies .. and she made a speech too. i have the video too. but its way too big for me to upload since the connection here is so bad.. mm.. yeah.. so.. she had 2 times of birthday wishes and 2 birthday song in one night. happy right.. mm.. i want more ice cream with pancakes and maple syrup with butter *unsalted please*

^gosh..i dunno who took this picture.. i think i did.. ahahah.. sorry no comment.. i just wanna upload pictures.. 

^epic giler.. ahahaha. shina don't want me to take anymore pictures of her.. because she say she looked wreck in most of the picture. ahaha. no.. and i have no idea what is yuyu doing.. but aiyer. she turn more girl now leh. ahaha.. hair so long liao.. and shina got skinnier!

^ahaks. shan shan looks cute as always.. its a compliment ok.. ahaks. i miss you all .. i miss talking to you shan.. its been soo long

^and boom we are leaving.. ahaks.. we * me, cynn, belle, yuyu, honey and err.. i think thats all* stayed over at genie's house.. ahah.. we watched scream. like wth.. i got tickled.. by genie.. because she was kinda hugging me and i dunno how the hell.. when she scream.. she tickle me.. ahaha.. i miss you all..